Strawberry Smoothie

"One must ask children and Birds how Cherries and Berries taste" Strawberries are very flexible and can be used in any dessert because of its taste, texture and most importantly its colour which is one on the most attractive amongst all the available fruits. Here is my first recipe of a

A day which never ends in ChefLife

On a regular day at the restaurant, a guest walks in and wishes to indulge in some usual fare of chicken chilly. That's when chefs feel the most inclination to make the simplest meals, a little more special. So with utmost focus one begins cooking from the initial bits - ensuring

Savya Rasa, a South Indian Diamond

"It's always good to explore new places and find one which serves good food that satisfies your soul" this is what my heart says. But is it so easy to get one, after exploring day by day the results were good. Me along with my foodie friends visited Pune to

A glimpse of my life

​ I am from an era where parents wanted their children to either become a doctor or an Engineer and I wasn't different. But on other side I wasn't keen on doing it rather I wanted to do something "fatang" and different which no1 had done it in family.  My family use

Get Gourmet at the Gourmet Kitchen

Now a days people want to enjoy delicious food which can be delivered at their door steps. And looking at this need lot of hospitality chain owners have started investing in this market segment to ensure all their target markets are reached and alive. This is a venture near Andheri