Harsh Chocolates

Chocolate Biscuits

As soon as we hear Chocolate our taste buds start watering with just the feel of it. Every corner of mumbai has someone who is making some delicious chocolates in a different way. Harsh Chocolates is one of them who specialize in making personalized handcrafted chocolates and confectionaries. Be it

Tea Villa , Bandra

Tea villa is a place which offers some interesting teas along with delicious food. It has an amazing ambiance with very minute details worked upon. Cost for 2 is 500 ₹ Tiramisu Tea I always connected the word Tiramisu with coffee, but when I was served Tiramisu tea here I was really

Apsara Ice cream Parlour, Matunga

Guava Glory

A feast should always end with a sweet dish that's what my taste buds say. So after a meal in Matunga I was looking for an ice cream parlour which would satisfy my cravings. I found this small place called as Apsara Ice cream very average place from outside and made

La Braco

Good meal should always end with some good sweet dishes, then only we can term is as Feast of the day. Desserts are something that we all die for except few people who don't have sweet tooth. Now a days world has become very much advanced in terms of making

Feast at Loaded, the Dessert Bistro

Loaded – A dessert bistro brainchild of Tripti is a place where you can transform your dessert into a meal that shall relish you with lots of happiness and love. She believes in the concept of being generous with the portions, fillings and the toppings which shall make every individual

Star anise, a journey to the world of chocolates

French Pastry has always been the birth place for desserts and its world. Every western dessert you eat today has its base from France. But with the coming trends, the visibility of classical desserts have been vanished. The reason being simple, competition and hunger to sustain yourself in the market


Caramel custard is a classical French dessert with custard & soft caramel on top. Other names are Creme caramel & flan. Its the most delicious & most simplest dessert to make.  It's simple yet delicious. The more simpler the dish, more difficult it is to make it.  Just folly few