Sprouts, Corn & Pomogranate Salad


Who doesn't wish to stay healthy throughout their life. For that you need to workout regularly and eat proper healthy food. But due to todays work pressure , family commitments, goals, aims, leisures and wishes we are not able to do justice to workout part. We tend to eat whatever

Chicken Consomme

CHICKEN CONSOMMÉ   Consommé is Clear, Passed, Clarified & Ember Coloured Soup. (FRENCH ORIGIN) INGREDIENTS:- Chicken stock(Br)-----2ltr Chicken mince-----600gms Carrot---------------60gms Celery---------------40gms Leeks---------------40gms Onions--------------40gms Peppercorn----------10 no Bay leaf---------------5 no Whole eggs------------5no Salt----------------as reqd Vinegar--------------30 ml Asparagus------------10 gms Morels---------------10gms Parsley---------------10gms Chicken cubes-------20gms METHOD:- FOR CHICKEN STOCK- Roast Chicken Bones. Brown them nicely. Cut Mire-Poix. Heat oil in a pan. Add mire-poix, sauté it. Brown them nicely and add Bones. Later on, add water


CHEESE CHILLI TOAST INGREDIENTS 1. Cheddar Cheese (Grated) 2. Red Pepper 3. Bread Slices( of your choice) 4. Chillies(can avoid if your kid doesn't like spicy or just reduce quantity) 5. Onion 6. Coriander/Parsley METHOD: 1. Grate Cheddar Cheese 2. Chop Onion, Red Pepper, Coriander/Parsley and Chillies. 3. Mix Grated Cheese & Chopped Mixture. Keep it on Side. 4. Toast the Bread