OMG Resto Cafe, Andheri

While walking on the streets and searching for new places a thought ttruck up my mind "Eat Healty, drink Healthy and be Healthy is something we hear again and again, but what does it actually mean is the question to ask. According to me it simply means eat/drink  proper food/beverage

The Beer Cafe @ 24*7

Even in Mumbai restaurants start closing at 1 a.m or max 2 a.m and that's when you need to start wraping up your party, unless you are ready to spend a bomb in 5 star hotel. But there's a solution for this because The Beer Cafe near to T2 Airport

E.A.S.T , Sahara Star


There are lot of places which serve some amazing food but are not known to people. One of them is E.A.S.T  at Sahara Star which serves South Asian cuisine at it's best. It has a spectacular interiors followed by the outside scenic beauty and some mouth watering food. It's a

Rice Dimsums, Yauatcha

Dim Sum

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional holiday originating in China, occurring near the summer solstice. The focus of most celebrations involves eating sticky rice treats wrapped in bamboo leaves, drinking realgar wine ,and racing dragon boats. The festival is a statutory holiday in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

Lima, BKC


I have always been curious about tasting food from different places across the globe. Every restaurant in town has been either repeating cuisines or have been doing fusion to break the monotony but no one has actually launched different type of food, the reason being very simple -  acceptability. But


We stress so much now a days due to the work pressure which is a direct reason of responsibility. And which results in "skipping meal" making you weak. This directly affects the quality and quantity of work you do. But what if I say a small Bar Candy can power

Delhi Zaika at Delhi Highway

Delhi is way ahead than Mumbai in terms of food and I completely agree with it. I die to get onto the streets of Delhi and try the mouth smacking food available in every corner of a street there. Luckily Delhi Highway has opened it's doors in mumbai which offers

Chai and Toast @ Chaos Control Cafe, Parel

Kachari Masala Toast

A place with simple food, natural ambience and creative thoughts. It's a place which can win lot of hearts just by serving variations of  4 primary products that is Sherbat, Toast, Chai and Pan. The owner Sarthak Jain speaks about how he has gone simple in terms of food that

Kanpai – Japanese Lounge Bar

Hamachi Carpaccio

How many people actually know the taste of Japanese food? We go to places try different cuisine food and applaud only if it satisfies our taste buds, but are we being fair enough is the question that we should ask. Japanese food is something which might not suit everyone's taste

JW Sahar, Mumbai

Celebration is such a mood changing word which can uplift any kind of stress. Celebration is a result of hard work or conquering your difficulties to get a better result for something. I was invited to be a part of one such celebration along with #IFCBloggers to JW Sahar, which