A day which never ends in ChefLife

On a regular day at the restaurant, a guest walks in and wishes to indulge in some usual fare of chicken chilly.

That’s when chefs feel the most inclination to make the simplest meals, a little more special. So with utmost focus one begins cooking from the initial bits – ensuring to cut fresh vegetables, using best available chicken and importantly feeling generous to add an extra portion too!


And as soon as plated meal walks out of the kitchen you wish the effort satiates the guests taste buds. Only if life was so simple, exactly 5 minutes later the server gets back the dish and explains that the guest is out burning his lungs and will be back soon.

After a wait of 30 minutes, the guest is back and sends for his ‘chilly chicken’! However, this wait doesn retain enough flavor and texture in the meal, hence am back to the drawing board making a fresh batch of the order.  Simultaneously the server has been asked to inform the guest that a fresh portion is getting ready.


To which the guest in quickly asks for the order after running it in a microwave for a couple of minutes. Customer is always right and that’s how the order is sent out.

Within 5 minutes the server is back asking the chef to head to the restaurant, as the guest has requested for a quick tete-a-tete. Brimming with excitement. The chef is expecting some kind words and quickens his pace to the guest’s table. The tired feet don’t ache anymore, even though one is cooking since 6am and to think its now 9pm.

The guest is definitely generous is spilling enough words – good sauce,  flavourful chicken, impressive texture, crunchy veggies – enough to send the chef all dizzy with appreciation on social media platforms!


But then the guest brings it all back to reality, by simply saying that overall the ‘chilly chicken’ is not as awesome as the one served at a restaurant next to your hotel. Internally feels like all hell breaking loose and you wish to retort asking the guest on why did he bother visiting us?


Then this is all that happens in just a day for any chef. All look beyond the comfort of being served and that someone else is making the effort to cook special meals. It boils down to our habitual method of being a critic rather than showering with some inspiration. So yeah one cannot do anything but turn the frown upside down and be kind to say ‘do visit us soon. We sure not to disappoint you and make it memorable for you!’

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  1. Chef is nothing less than an artist. His/Her creation might be different everytime but his soul remains the same. Thanks for speaking out. Hope people realize what goes on on the other side of the wall.

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