Young Chef Olympiad

Profession of  chefs has been at it’s peak from past few years. Every person has fantasized about being a chef when he or she cooks a particular dish which turns out to be good. Masterchef India has been a perfect platform for such people to showcase your talent, but what about the youngsters who are on a path to become professional chefs and are pursuing their career towards it? Thanks to IIHM for organizing Young Chef Olympiad, a culinary competition for college students from across the world. Here is a big opportunity for young chefs from India to try and present their skills  in front of 67 countries competing along with one another. Yes you read it right 67 countries participating in this competition, nothing less then Commonwealth games of food. The main objective of the Young Chef Olympiad is to produce world class international chefs every year. Connecting the students from India with world class chefs from across the globe will not only bridge bonds but will also lay foundations of a global connect that will go a long way in each of their careers” says the Chairman of the young Chef Olympiad

Young Chef Olympiad (YCO) will play host to over 67 countries in India for the much awaited culinary competition that will be spread across 6 days and 4 cities as the participating culinary students contest for the grand title and a cash prize of $10,000. Each country will be sending in their best student chef along with their chef mentors to compete for the winning honor. . 67 participants will gather on 27th Jan 2016 at Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi where the biggest culinary heats of the planets will take place. Then the entire lot will be divided into 3 groups, one group will be send to mumbai, another to Banglore and one will stay in Delhi. After 1st round everyone will move to Kolkata for the 2nd round. Out of 67 top 10 would go on to compete in finals at Kolkata to win the crown of YOUNG CHEF OLYMPIAD along with prize money of $10,000. It would be judged by all the reknown celebrity chefs from the world which makes this competition even more tougher.

This competition is not just an idea but a revolution created by IIHM to make India as a culinary destination. Every candidate can learn things from each other and share different food culture. Networking is the best tool in todays world and YCO is providing the same to talented young chefs.

“The intention is to scale up every year and globally reach out to as many countries as possible for the culinary event. Food has always been the biggest unifier and continues to be so in today’s day and age. YCO has connected talent across borders from the best culinary colleges under one roof making it a truly global event.”

Dr Suborno Bose, Chairman of the Young Chef Olympiad & CEO- IIHM

Special Thanks to Pooja Trehan Dhamecha aka Nuvofoodies for inviting me to interact with the YCO council ( Chef Shaun Kenworthy, Chef Sanjay Kak, DR. Suborno Bose and Mr.Abdullah Ahmed ) and gain more knowledge about it.










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