Caramella by ketki Barfiwala

Here is my 1st post in this section. This is about a girl who is chartered accountant who was always passionate about baking & finally decided to initiate with an venture called Caramella. To know How, when, where and what read ahead.

The Magician Baker

Ketki - Caramella
Ketki – Caramella 

KETKI: A chartered accountant by ‘profession’ and a baker by ‘passion’, Ketki Barfiwala has been getting Mumbai pucker up for her delicious treats and desserts as a homebaker who will offer delivery services anywhere. After receiving many praises about her baked goods, she decided to pursue baking full time. Caramella provides it’s takers with scrumptious goodies with the help of delicious combinations, rich flavours and intricate dessert options.

How it started

Caramella Logo copy
Caramella Logo copy

It all started with a little girl who wasn’t really keen on the idea of cooking and baking but gradually grew extremely fond of it leading to the inception of Caramella. Ms. Ketki Barfiwala often baked for her friends and family and then later decided to channel all her passion into spreading happiness further through Caramella. She not only bakes goodies and delivers them all over Mumbai, but also holds workshops for other aspiring bakers.

Her inventions & ideas

Nutella Taj Mahal
Nutella Taj Mahal

From tiny treats like cookies, chocolates, cupcakes to intricate desserts in jars, Caramella is the perfect destination to provide you with a toothsome experience. All their products are baked at home, eggless, and delivered to your door anywhere in Mumbai!Caramella, meaning ‘sweetmeat’ or ‘candy’ definitely lives up to its name.


Their products have some of the most delicious combinations and are all rich in flavour like vanilla, strawberry, citrus, butterscotch and caramel. A large chunk of their dessert menu includes Nutella-which is almost everyone’s dream come true. Some of their best creations include the Nutella Taj Mahal, Nutella cheesecake, Nutella stuffed cookies, Mango Vanilla Cream jar, Rainbow Chocolate Chip Cookies, Citrus Mousse Cake and the Nutties cake.

Nutties Cake
Nutties Cake

The yummy goodies are freshly prepared at home with no preservatives which has been the reason for Caramella’s flourishing popularity. So next time you want to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or just satisfy your sugar cravings, place your order at Caramella and indulge in some of the best bakes provided.

Candy Cake
Candy Cake


365 days a year.

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Twitter/Instagram: @caramellaindia

Contact number – +919820352213

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