Casa Del Cheese by Dhvani Desai

Cheese is a ingredient which is now a days used in almost all dishes to add richness and flavour. Story of a business journalist turned into home chef. She mentions about why she choose cheese to be the core ingredient of her venture. Yes you heard it right a home chef who makes some exclusive cheese

The Magician Cheese maker

The magical cheese maker
The magical cheese maker

She has been a business-journalist for over 9 years, spread across print, broadcast and web. She has worked for top brands including, the outlook group, Bloomberg, Economic Times Now and A major chunk of her journalism experience was tilted towards covering start ups, small businesses , which got her inclined towards starting her own venture.

How it started

Caramelized onions and feta tart
Caramelized onions and feta tart

She says “Food has been my weak point and passion since a child”. And while she was bombarded with recipe books from my aunts abroad, she realized that 80 % of all the recipes used cheeses which were never heard of or were unavailable here in India. Slowly the cheeses were made available in gourmet supermarkets, but she realized that its way too expensive. And that’s when she decided to learn how to make cheese herself. she started taking interest in learning cheese making in 2009. She nurtured and developed the interest, learned how to make cheese, from various websites.


She also met up with a European cheese maker and spent a week with him, learning how to make cheese, which was the real turning point for her. She resigned from her job in 2013 September, to take this up full time. Ever since there has been no looking back. Starting October 2013, she participated in the organic farmers market for entire two seasons while serving pizzas, burgers, bagels, salads, in the cafe, using all the cheese she made. She got an excellent response while sampling the cheese at the market. And all the cheese that were for sale, usually would get sold out by the end of the day. She later started doing deliveries to customers from home & also got a few restaurant orders within Mumbai and outside. Currently she is supplying consistently to 2 restaurants and 2 caterers in the city.

Her inventions & ideas

Our cheese is 100 % natural, organic and vegetarian; all made from cows milk.

1) Chevre Style logs / medallions/discs

Casa Del Cheese
Casa Del Cheese

This is a classic Casadel cheese, similar to that of french chevre` (fresh). Its aged for 3 to 4 days and although its firm in texture its extremely creamy.  Excellent with grilled eggplants and pesto. You can use it on pizzas, with caramelized onions, sprinkle it on salads, and also goes very well with eggs. It can really lift a simple pasta dish. Also try topping any bake dish with this cheese, including dauphin potatoes. (Price: 200 for 100 grams)

2) Greek Style Feta

Greek style feta

Feta is aged for at least 3 weeks before its considered ready to use. You can slice our feta and also crumble it. Unlike most store bought feta, which is vacuum packed, our feta is packaged in brine which keeps it moist and fresh.  (Price:160 for 100 grams)

3) Gouda Style cheese


Gouda is aged for 3 to 4 weeks. It has an open texture, with just the right amount of bubbles in it and a golden rind. (Price Rs 200 for 100 grams)

4) Mustard Gouda

Mustard gouda

220 for 100 grams

Also in the making St. Marcellin style cheese!!

She take utmost care while making our cheese, which is made under best hygiene conditions.All the cheese are free of preservatives, chemicals or emulsifiers (which are normally used in processed cheeses, to increase their shelf life and also be able to make uniform exact cheeses.) Our cheeses are handmade, thus may vary marginally in appearance and
texture.. each time you buy the cheese.


We do deliveries all over Mumbai once a week.

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