Little Treats by Sunita Pradhan

The Passionate Home Chef

The Passionate Home Chef - Sunita Pradhan
The Passionate Home Chef – Sunita Pradhan

Sunita Pradhan from Mumbai. A professionally qualified dentist and a mother of 2 boys. She is an obsessive and passionate home chef. She spend hours in her kitchen experimenting and cooking. She loves to cook and bake for her kids. Currently, she makes handcrafted flavoured butters- both sweet and savoury. These are made using local and seasonal ingredients with zero additives.

How it started

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After the birth of her first child, she was on a sabbatical for some time. During that time, she spent a lot of time cooking and baking as she always loved cooking. She signed up with the portal ‘Once upon my kitchen’ where she hosted complete strangers in her house. She loved the concept. She also taught some of her international patients how to cook Indian food. It was then that she started giving it a serious thought. She wanted to do something in the culinary field but was not sure what.  It is an exciting time for homechefs. Looked around herself and saw that lot of people were making jams and dips, no one was making butters. That’s when she decided to start making handcrafted butters.

Her Invention & ideas

Flavoured Butter
Flavoured Butter

Butter as a cooking ingredient is extremely versatile and it is something one can’t do without on a daily basis- be it baking or just as a pantry staple. What we lack in India are flavoured or compound butters which are quite popular in other parts of the world. Unfortunately, the only butter we know of is the salted Amul butter. Also, after the Maggi episode, people woke up to the detrimental effects of packaged foods on one’s general health. That’s where the idea of handcrafted flavoured butters was born with no added preservatives.

‘Little Treats’ is her brand name and she serves 2 types of butters – sweet and savoury.


Sweet butters include- Strawberry butter, peach butter and honey butter. She says that she will add more products depending on what fruits are in season. They are extremely versatile in their use. They can be slathered on bread, on top of a croissant or pancakes. They can be used as buttercream icing for cupcakes also. The peach butter goes well with yoghurt, granola, oatmeal and also in Asian stir fry. It her personal favourite.

Little Treats
Little Treats

Savoury butters- The flavours here include Roasted garlic, Garlic & Basil, Roasted bell pepper, Caramelized onion and Lemon butter. There is also a red wine flavoured butter. She also have a range which is inspired by the Indian flavours- Kadipatta flavoured butter, Red chilli flavoured butter and the Thetcha flavoured butter.

Flavoured Butter
Flavoured Butter

The butters go well with toasted bread, in pastas & soups. Add a dollop to baked potatoes, roasted/ boiled corn or serve with aloo parathas. You can also use the butter to Make buttered rice. They also go very well with meats. Rub a dollop of butter on the meat before you grill or roast or add a knob once roasted. You can also use them to make a sauce for your meat.


Once an order is placed and confirmed the butters will be ready in 48 hours as they are made fresh. If the quantity is large, they may need some more time. Pick up from Mahim or Dadar. She offers delivery between Mahim and Dadar at an additional cost of Rs. 50.

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