New section of my blog called Home Chefs

I am starting with a new section on my blog about Home chefs and Home bakers. Being a chef want to promote home chefs who get less visibility in food industry due to so much of competition around & to motivate more such aspirants who are scared to take such risks in life. This section would have few motivating stories, some amazing home chefs with their classy products and it would act as an easy gateway to order your own stuff.

What would the write up include?
1. Who????

“Who” resembles the person whom this write up is all about.

2. How????

A write up about how this crazy idea was initiated.

3. What????

A write up about the “idea” and “Product”

4. When????

Time of availability.

5. Where?

How can you get connected with “who”.

A small initiative to recognize people who have such amazing art in food industry. Help me to promote it. Stay tunned for the 1st post. Please provide feedback about the same.

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