The Next Door Baker by Shaily Sanghvi

Story of an Engineer turned Baker. She mentions about her secret behind her motivation “when I see people devour the stuff I baked for them, it makes me happier than what I am while making them in the kitchen”. To know How, when, where and what read ahead.

The Magician Baker

The Next Door Baker
The Next Door Baker

Shaily is chef, receptionist and dishwasher at The Next Door Baker. She is an engineer by education and a baker by passion.What drives her to bake is the wild imagination that it demands, and her craving to fulfill it every time. Yes, you need to be hungry to be a chef! It gives a fantastical feeling– like that of a first love. You have to have that childlike amusement every time you see those colors to experiment with and flavors to add. Who knows, you can end up making a masterpiece, just by playing! Though it sounds all fun, that’s only the motivation. There’s always a vision and a perspective to be baked along too!

How it started


The Next Door Baker was born on April 10, 2015 after the guinea pigs of her kitchen grew fatter and greedier– which is basically her family and friends. She thought of distributing it to people who would pay her as much that could keep her kitchen going. Like everyone else,  she started exploiting social media and this time, likes, shares and retweets did mean a lot to her. Her  idea is to bake as much new stuffs as she can while the size of kitchen does not matter

Her inventions & ideas

Nutella stuffed chocolate chip cookies
Nutella stuffed chocolate chip cookies

Cookies, are indeed the most picked items on her menu, especially Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies. If they were to be described, it would be Nutella enveloped in cookie dough and baked to perfection. And not forgetting the Red Velvet Cookies with White Chocolate. Makes her happy and proud that she is amongst the very few who offer these beauties.

Red Velvet Cookies
Red Velvet Cookies

And for times when you want a cake, but can’t finish the whole thing. Hello, Cake Jars! Transform every cake into a big ‘Joy in a Jar’. Her Ferrero Rocher Jar is a mass favorite.

Red Velvet  Jar
Red Velvet Jar

In the brownie section, there’s a product called ‘Chocochip cookies n’ Oreo Knock Your Socks Off Brownie Bars‘ which is by far one of the most imaginative stuff she has ever baked: a layer of cookie dough, a layer of yummy Oreo and over that a layer of fudgy brownies. How many of those for you?

Chocochip cookies n' Oreo Knock Your Socks Off Brownie Bars Chip N' Tale
Chocochip cookies n’ Oreo Knock Your Socks Off Brownie Bars Chip N’ Tale

Time365 days a year.

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