Caramel custard is a classical French dessert with custard & soft caramel on top. Other names are Creme caramel & flan. Its the most delicious & most simplest dessert to make.  It’s simple yet delicious. The more simpler the dish, more difficult it is to make it.  Just folly few simple steps and you will never go wrong with this. SHare your feedback about the same.


1. Milk ————–200ml
2. Eggs————–2nos
3. Sugar————-40gms
4. Vanilla Essence—–as required
5. Vanilla pod———1 nos


1. Take milk,sugar & vanilla bean in a pan, heat it little so that sugar melts. Remove off flame as soon as sugar melts. Cool it.

2. Meanwhile in a sauce pan, caramelize  sugar till nice golden colour. Ensure that you dont over colour or burn it, because then the final product will be bitter.

4. Pour it in custard cups so dat it coats bottom of the cup. Let it set for sometime.

5. Till then take a bowl and whisk eggs, warm milk & vanilla essence. Pour this custard mixture over the caramelised sugar.

6. Place cups in water bath and bake it for 40-45 mins at 150°c.

7. Remove once done ( insert knife near centre & if it comes out clean then it’s done). Cool it for sometime.

8. To unmould the custard, run a knife around rim of cup. Invert it in a dessert plate and give it a little jerk.

9. Garnish it with any Berry compote and mint spring.


Caramel custard with mulberry compote



3 thoughts on “CARAMEL CUSTARD

  1. Sir
    I would like to know whether we need to keep in water while baking. Why? Can we use silicon moulds.

    1. Custards & puddings require milder heat source than the direct heat of the oven. In short water bath insulates custards from direct heat of the oven. This helps to avoid cracking, overcooking & curdling of custard. Try using aluminum moulds because they will help in retaining shape, while silicon mould may be tricky while remoulding the custard.

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