Chicken Consomme

Consommé is Clear, Passed, Clarified & Ember Coloured Soup. (FRENCH ORIGIN)
  1. Chicken stock(Br)—–2ltr
  2. Chicken mince—–600gms
  3. Carrot—————60gms
  4. Celery—————40gms
  5. Leeks—————40gms
  6. Onions————–40gms
  7. Peppercorn———-10 no
  8. Bay leaf—————5 no
  9. Whole eggs————5no
  10. Salt—————-as reqd
  11. Vinegar————–30 ml
  12. Asparagus————10 gms
  13. Morels—————10gms
  14. Parsley—————10gms
  15. Chicken cubes——-20gms
  1. FOR CHICKEN STOCK– Roast Chicken Bones. Brown them nicely. Cut Mire-Poix. Heat oil in a pan. Add mire-poix, sauté it. Brown them nicely and add Bones. Later on, add water and let it simmer for 1 hour. Strain the Stock  and store.
  2. Cool down the stock.
  3. Make a mixture on Chicken Mince, Onion, Carrot, Celery, Leeks, Bay Leaf, Pepper Corn, Egg Whites and Egg Shell.
  4. Take a stock pot, add stock(Ensure stock is not hot) and the mixture,  get it to boil.
  5. Keep on Stirring till it boils, lower the flame and simmer for an hour ensuring that the raft doesn’t crack.(keep on blinking flame)
  6. Slowly strain the consommé using muslin cloth.
  7. Check Seasoning and keep it aside.
  8. Add some morels and chopped parsley in a soup bowl pour the consomme and serve.

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