Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon

After getting yourself drenched for a month in the heat finally winter has opened it’s door for some celebration with new year nearing ahead. After working for long hours you need something to mellow down the effect of pressure, stress and work. A simple recipe which hardly takes some time and can be consumed at any time of the day. The combination of chocolate and cinnamon along with minerals rich milk is a perfect stress buster. Cocoa powder being fat free, cinnamon being stress reliever and milk being rich in minerals a perfect combination which you wouldn’t mind having it. I experimented with different flavours, ingredients and ratios, this is the best combination of the lot that I love when it comes to taste and feel. I wouldn’t mind having this hot chocolate every single day without having any guilt. Here you go with the secret recipe of mine



1. Cocoa Powder ————-1 tbsp

2. Milk————————-200ml

3. Dark Chocolate————25gms

4. Condensed milk———–2tbsp

5. Cinnamon Stick————1 nos

6. Whipped Cream———–2tbsp(optional)

7. Almonds———————3nos(cut slivers)

Hot chocate


1. In a pan heat milk along with cinnamon stick and let it boil for around 3 minutes.(It will ensure that the cinnamon stick will infuse its soothing flavour in milk)

2. Remove Cinnamon stick immediately after that as we don’t want our hot chocolate to turn bitter.As soon as you remove the Cinnamon stick add in the Cocoa powder,mix well using whisk and boil it for another 5 minutes, stir frequently to avoid lumps.

3. As soon it starts thickening add in condensed milk and almond slivers. Let it simmer for some time and it’s ready to rock and roll.

4. Serve it in kulhad(an earthen pot) , it gives a very soothing and peculiar flavour of mud to the drink. which surely compliments it and makes the experience even better.


Garnish:- You can top it up with a swirl or dollop of whipped cream and freshly grate dark chocolate.

I hope this recipe would surely win lot of hearts. Do not forgot to share feedback, comment below, share recipe with others and follow me on social media platforms to cherish more such recipes till then enjoy.

Hot chocolate






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