Peanut Butter A la Mrugziee style

“Rate of food which is readily available outside has reached its heights and is going to increase day by day as the demand increase”

I am a huge fan of peanut butter along with multigrain toast when it comes to breakfast and there are many more like me. Anyone generally buys it from a demart or a random Grocery shop and it costs around 150₹ for 200gms. Average monthly consumption would come to 2-3 bottles, so on a day off I just had a thought of creating a recipe which might act as a substitute for this readily available Peanut butter. A recipe which would be more healthy, economical and more tasty. Here is my try for creating one such like this.



  1. Peanuts————————————200gms
  2. Dar Chocolate / Cocoa Powder ———15gms
  3. Honey————————————–2gms
  4. Salt—————————————–a pinch


1. In a pan dry roast Peanuts nicely, roast them till you get the that peculiar fragrance of roasting(roasting gives nice nutty flavour to the final product).

2. Let it cool down, later blend all the roasted peanuts in food processor till smooth paste(this blending will have 3 different textures at 3 different stages – first will be the coarse texture when you blend ahead then it will give you powder texture, when you continue further it will start leaving its own oil and forms paste)

3. As soon as you get smooth texture add rest of the ingredients and blend for another 20 seconds.

4. Remove in a jar and refrigerate for an hour before using.

I hope this recipe would surely win lot of hearts. Do not forgot to share feedback, comment below, share recipe with others and follow me on social media platforms to cherish more such recipes till then enjoy.

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