1. Cauliflower———————1 kg
2. Hung Curd——————–100 gm
3. Chaat masala——————25 gm
4. Ginger Garlic Paste———-100 gm
5. Chilli Powder—————–20 gm
6. Turmeric powder————5 gm
7. Salt———————-as required
8. Oil—————————50 ml

1. Cut big florets of cauliflower. Blanch florets in lightly salty water. (add little turmeric so that it gives good yellow colour to cauliflower )
2. Make marination of hung curd, chaat masala, ginger garlic paste, chilli powder, turmeric, salt & oil.( add less salt as you have already blanched cauliflower in salty water)
3. Add Cauliflower to the marinade and keep it overnight.( so that it absorbs flavour and seasons well)
4. Skewer and cook it in Tandoor. (if you don’t have tandoor you can cook this in a oven for 10 mins at 180 degree)
5. Remove in a plate, brush with melted butter and sprinkle little chaat masala.
6. Serve hot with sliced onions, lemon wedges and mint chutney.

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