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“Cooking is an Art” that’s what I feel being a chef. Every single step in cooking has a direct or indirect reason which leads to glorious food that you eat. Taste of food differs depending upon the way you cook, where you cook, with what you cook & when you cook. The final product mostly depends upon the quality of ingredients, method of cooking & equipment used for example boiled chicken would have bland flavour, roasted chicken would have little caramelized flavour due to caramelization of natural sugar in chicken & chicken which is grilled would have charred flavour. The above statement proves that method of cooking would affect the flavour profile completely which indirectly means equipment used to perform certain cooking methods play an important role in getting the desired product.

One such brand which provides all sort of equipment’s which finishes your work with ease is BOROSIL. Having been one of the India’s best known consumer brand for over half a century, BOROSIL is the pioneer & market leader for laboratory glassware & microwavable & flameproof kitchenware in India. I was surprised by #Fbaireviewbox which was sent to me to review.


A Prima – 19L OTG which performs the function of toasting, grilling, roasting & baking at an unbelievable price of ₹1000. It’s an easy to use equipment with proper display of temperature,time and function which any layman can understand. Its made ensuring all the safety issues are taken care of, they have provided with a still holder so that we can remove hot grill plate when the food is cooked. It is provided with a dripping tray which ensures that all the crumbs & spillage would get collected into it makin sure that it doesn’t spoil the inner surface . Hence making it easy to clean in an efficient way. Thus this equipment has all the qualities which suits the need of a layman in his daily cooking needs.

I have created my own easy to make recipe of Masala Toast using this oven.

Masala Toast
Masala Toast


1. Bread slices

2. Amul cheese

3. Cheddar Cheese

4. Onion

5. Green chilli

6. Coriander


1. Make a mixture using grated amul & cheddar cheese, chopped onion, coriander & cheese.


2. Set the Borosil oven at 180 degree Celsius ,Toast the bread from both the sides till golden brown.


3. Top the Toasted bread with the cheese mixture and change the mode to grill. Grill it for around 3-5 mins till the cheese melts.


4. Cut into pieces and serve hot along with tomato ketchup or any tangy sauce.




1.I was offered #FBAIreviewbox by Food Blogger Association of India to share feedback about the launch of their new product.

2. All the pictures have been clicked by me and should not be used without my consent.

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