Burgundy Box – A venture by Chef Ajay Chopra

Food affects all of us from what to eat to when to eat and where to eat. And now a day everyone is consuming outside food to such an extent, that people are easily prone to illness. Everyone wants to have home food, but it’s the time that makes it impossible due to long working hours and people staying away from home. I myself eat outside food almost 4 days a week, cooking a meal at home isn’t easy. You need to plan the menu and then get ingredients from market, then process it and finally cook it according to your taste. Sometimes you would not get a particular ingredient in the market that you planned to make so then you need to rework on the recipe finding an alternative, or while making a particular dish it might not turn out the way you intended to be. Every illness has a medicine, same way my solution for this problem is Burgundy Box – A venture by Chef Ajay Chopra. Interesting thought process behind such a fabulous product.

Burgundy Box ?

Burgundy box is a portal which will help you to savour homemade happiness when you want to enjoy fresh, tasty and home cooked meal just by sending a box of your choice which contains prepped ingredients, including spices and gravies along with an easy to follow recipe.

Why Burgundy Box?

1. It saves lots of time, because you don’t need to spend hours behind shopping and preparing ingredients for final dish.

2. No need to search for recipes and measure quantity of ingredients, as they provide exact quantity of ingredients you need for the recipe.

3. Fresh ingredients are used and mise en place is carried out under supervision of qualified professionals to ensure best quality product is delivered to the guest.

4. Each dish is prepared to serve 2 people, hence the portion size is very big.

5. They deliver boxes at your doorstep.

6. Packaging material is disposable and meant only for 1 time use.

Whats there on the Menu?

An interesting mix of veg and non-veg options which include starters and main course. Cuisines range from Indian to Oriental to Italian.


Once you have selected your options online and provided your shipping details. Your order is ready to go. Cash on delivery is the accepted method of payment at the moment . I placed an order for Aloo Bukhara Kofte. Read about my experience:-

Aloo Bukhara Kofte (390 Rs)

Ingredients for Aloo Bukhara Kofte
Ingredients for Aloo Bukhara Kofte

The box contained following ingredients:-Ghee, Besan, Deggi Red Chilli, Kofta curry, Green Chilli, Aroma Spice Powder, Salt, Kofte, Lazeez Spice Powder, Cream , chopped coriander and 4 Paranthas along with the recipe card. The packaging has to be good for such kind of services so same was ensured by Burgundy Box team. Each ingredient was weighed according to requirement and packed separately. The recipe card provided detailed information regarding steps to follow. The dish took around 15 mins for cooking. Here’s the step by step recipe :-


1. Heat ghee for thirty seconds and add besan, cook till golden brown colour.

Step 1
Step 1

2. Add deggi red chilli powder and cook for about half a minute.

Step 2
Step 2

3. Reduce heat & add 100 ml water followed by kofta gravy, cook for two minutes.

4. Add green chilli, aroma spice powder, salt to taste and cook for one minute.

5. Add kofte and lazeez spice powder stir gently and allow to simmer for two minutes.

Step 5
Step 5

6. Finish with cream, chopped coriander and remove from flame.

Step 6
Step 6

7. Serve hot with Paratha.


The kofte was made up of spiced cottage cheese along with chopped onions, bell pepper and had a hint of coriander & methi. Kofte was accompanied along with thick brown gravy which was little sweet as it was made up of tomato and cashew nuts. The addition of cream made the gravy smooth, rich and heavy. The secret spice packet added good & unique flavour to the dish.  The curry was accompanied with paranthas which made it a compete meal. Paranthas were crisp from outside and flaky from inside, the way it should be. The dish was a real treat for my taste buds.
If you are looking to create something exotic or homely but don’t have the time to actually source and prepare things from scratch, DIY box is answer to your problem. It not only cuts your cooking time but also provides easy steps to make some really fabulous stuff . 
I would surely order again and again from this place to cherish the food they serve in boxes. Special thanks to Chef Subroto Hati for sending me this box.


You can now order Burgundy Box for both lunch & dinner.-   Please order by 6:00 PM for same day delivery.


Website- http://www.burgundybox.in
Phone : 022 – 4266 1414′
Email : contact@burgundybox.in


1. I was sent a box by Burgundy Box to review it.
2. All pictures have been clicked by me. No picture can be used anywhere without by consent.

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