L’exclusif monsoon munching, #FBAIreviewbox

Monsoons directly means a season full of adventurous and delectable food journey be it masala chai, vadpav, bhaji, bhutta and so on. I have a very so known feeling for this, it makes me fall in love for it all over again every year. Another monsoon started on the same note but in a different way. I was delivered a beautiful¬† L’exclusif review box by Godrej¬† in association with FBAI and Natures basket. Here is my verdict over the newly launched products by them:-

Nacho Krunchers


A crunch with a munch at lunch in this season is a perfect combo. It were flavoured with a blend of cheddar cheese and Italian herbs. A snack baked and cooked to perfection to give it extra crispness which can be consumed anytime, anyhow and anywhere. The best part is that they are gluten free, cholesterol free and trans-fat free hence a healthy snack without guilt.

Alphonso Mango Ice cream

Alphonso Mango Ice cream

I expected a lot out of this one after munching into those nachos, but was disappointed with the same. The flavour of mango was bang on but the ice cream left a powdery effect later which made it taste off. I wouldn’t recommend this one unless they change the process of making.

Tropical Fruit conserve

Tropical Fruit conserve

Another product which was rich in flavour and taste. A conserve made using hand picked ingredients to make sure that the final product is not suffered. It had a strong flavour of fruits mixed with the natural sweetness – a result of cooking fruits slowly for long time to bring out the flavour to its extreme. I used it as a spread on my golden crusted bread along with my masala chai on a cloudy morning.

Peanut Bar bites

Peanut Bar bites

As soon as you pop in first bar bite it will give you a feel of crunchiness and pungency. It had roasted peanuts which were coated with a crust made up of wasabi and mustard. A perfect knack with a hit making you ready for the next bite. A perfect snack during monsoon when you just want to relax, watch movie and keep munching something.

Tiramisu Poppers

Tiramisu Poppers

I am surely going to stock this product for sure. Amazing mini poppers made with a blend of tiramisu flavoured chocolate. It takes birth at the tip of your tongue, lives it’s life in your mouth and dies at throat. A beautiful journey for all coffee addicts and lovers in this monsoon

I am pretty happy and amazed with the kind of products L’exclusif has launched . And will surely order them again.

I will be back with another journey of Food at a different place with new concept, till then share your views.

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