We stress so much now a days due to the work pressure which is a direct reason of responsibility. And which results in “skipping meal” making you weak. This directly affects the quality and quantity of work you do. But what if I say a small Bar Candy can power up your body and help to be a counter measure against it. MojoBar have created a Bar which has a power bank inside it helping you recharge whenever, whereever anad however. Its easy to carry because of its size, good it taste because it is available in different flavours and has health benefits which is the main concern in this present world.

MojoBar currently comes in three variants:

1. Choco Almond + Protein – It had the crunch of almond with a glaze of chocolate at the base. a classical combination with loads of protein in it.

2. Nutty Apricot + Fibre – Another bar which had loads of nuts studded with dried apricot. This one was a star for m, you could actually rejoice every bite.

3. Yoghurt Berry + Anti-Oxidants – It was frutilicious in feel, the sourness of yoghurt and the sweetness of berry created a balanced flavour.

Wondering when can you have your MojoBar? Long meetings that never seem to end, travelling and you know the plane/train food is not good, late for college or work and you don’t have time for breakfast, coming out the gym looking for an energizer, sleepless and when the hunger pangs kick in, or simply to give company to your evening cup of tea or coffee – that’s when MojoBar comes to the rescue!

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