Sweet tooth craving with Choc Le

A day prior to my birthday I received this beautiful surprise birthday gift from Pooja Trehan Dhamecha. I was overjoyed with it, and fell in love with it because of its looks & presentation and was excited to find out what it really had.

Suprise birthday gift
Suprise birthday gift

The box consisted –


Orange Mousse

Orange mousse
Orange mousse

Orange mousse was demoulded using a rubber mould , top of which was coated with orange cream that had a smooth and creamy finish. Generally a mousse is considered to be a dessert which is fluffy,creamy and rich. This one was a little different gelatin was added while whipping the dessert, so that it could be set in the cake mould & required shape could be given to it. It was garnished with orange zest, which was soaked in sugar syrup. The combination of orange zest, orange cream and mousse was bang on. All 3 components of mousse had different texture & colour which added value to the dish.

Plain cheese cake cookie cup

Plain cheese cake cookie cup
Plain cheese cake cookie cup

This dessert was as interesting as the name is. A simple dessert yet very much effective –  cookie tart/cup stuffed with cheese cake mixture. Tart was made by adding choco chips to the dough, which added flavour of chocolate to every bite. The twist created by chef has worked out well. Anyone who orders from this place should definately order this.

Box full of surprises

small box full of suprises
small box full of surprises

Beautifully designed box which contained 8 flavours of chocolates. This name because every chocolate surprised me and my taste buds. Chocolates that would add flavour to your life.

1. Chilli Flavour

This flavour combination was Star of the day for me. The spiciness of chilli, bitterness and sweetness of dark chocolate with the crunch worked out well for me. If fresh chillies would have been used, it could have taken this flavour to completely different level. A flavour that will open all your senses with a single bite. Spiciness was well balanced & not over powering the flavour of chocolate.


The flavour of pista did stand out the way it should but i feel pista should be combined with something else, which will make the flavour of pista more interesting. A chocolate cube coated with slivers of pista on bottom. The smoothness of chocolate with crunch of pista worked well with each other.

3. Salted caramel

My favourite when it comes to this combination. The sweetness of caramel with a touch of salt always works along with cakes and pastries. Another invention of  chocolate stuffed with sea salt caramel. As soon as u bite through, chocolate would burst open oozing out the mouth melting stuffing of sea salt and caramel. It had the same feeling

which you feel when you have chocolate Eclair.

4. Coffee crunch

The combination of coffee along with chocolate is always used by many people. The same was used by the chef of Choc Le, but the taste of coffee was on a lighter side. I somehow found it to be missing.

5.Masala chai

Another unique flavour which i have hardly seen people using along with chocolate. Secret flavour which kept me amazed to know more and more about it. Its a chocolate for people who love intense and strong flavours. Must try if you are looking out for something different.

6. Orange

Finally a classical combination of orange and chocolate , which made me go mad. Another stuffed chocolate with orange cream inside and thing coating of chocolate outside. As soon as you bite through it, the stuffing burst opens and coats ur taste buds with citrus flavour which is then balanced by the sweetness of chocolate. A perfect blend of flavour and combination.

7. Hazelnut & Almond

Who does not like chocolates with nuts? The smoothness of chocolate along with crunch of nuts is bang on like always.

8. Cookie Dough

Another stuffed chocolate which has a mixture of cookie in form of dough coated with thin layer of chocolate. The concept of cookie was well used by the chef.


1. Apple rosemary

Apple Rosemary jam
Apple Rosemary jam

Fruits used for this type of preserves are fresh and based on seasons. I  was offered Apple rosemary flavor which had delicate flavour and delicious taste. Fresh apple puree along with the dash of rosemary worked out well for everyone. Flavor had a smooth consistency and it can be used as spread.


A place where you should order flavoured chocolates from if you like to experiment with combinations, Choc le would not disappoint you. A perfect place to order surprise gift for your loved ones. Thanks a lot Pooja Trehan Dhamecha and Rupali Samant owner of Choc Le for making my birthday memorable.

food – 9/10

Value for money – 9/10

About Choc Le

Choc Le
Choc Le

Rupali Samat, digs into chocolates just as a kid would on her first introduction to the world of chocolates! Owner, daughter to the founders, professional who moved on from her corporate career to set up and grow her dream – Choc Le – she spends most of her waking moments, innovating. She would be stunned if you label her passion as “choco-vation” (chocolate & innovation), but with the many firsts, wide product portfolio and the distinctive flavors one cannot miss out this food entrepreneur.

Established only few years back, Choc Le today stands with a brilliant team that actually comes with a combined expertise of 3 decades, largest per day capacity to produce desserts (250kgs) and chocolates (800kgs), works closely with the Café & Restaurant industry (attending to a countrywide requirement), has an established robust packaging and delivery model and runs an ISO 2200-2005 certified business.

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And you can visit the website for lots more –www.chocle.in

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