Wine tasting session held by Reveilo

An afternoon meet that turned out to be a learning experience for me about wines which was hosted  by Reveilo. A detailed information was shared from plucking of grapes till the tasting of wine. When informed about the wine tasting session, I was in 2 thoughts whether I should attend or not. But being a chef  “wine and food pairing” is something that I always wanted to learn. This session not only helped me with the pairing but also made me fall in love with Reveilo wines. Every bottle had its unique characteristics , that’s what kept me encouraged to know more & more.


Reveilo – a name that has become known for its quality in the Indian wine industry. A story of passion converted into something which speaks in terms of flavours, taste, body and aroma – wine.


The architects of this home-grown story are the Patil family, whose roots go down deep into the loamy soil of Nashik.

Six years and two jobs later, Yatin and Kiran Patil – the husband wife duo went back to their 100-acre ancestral farm land in Nashik (Maharashtra) to pursue their actual calling as entrepreneurs and realize their father’s dream of forward integration.  The duo consciously chose to take on the wine trail over their corporate careers, as they smelt potential in this sunrise industry. Back home, the seeds were sown, and the first wine varietals were planted in 2000.

Reveilo Collection
Reveilo Collection

Wine Maker

The sommelier made a small but very effective statement that “great wines are made in the vineyard and not in the winery”. Wine makers play an important role or rather they setup the blocks on which you can build your entire building. The expertise required for the same has to  be with tons and tons of experience and that’s why Reveilo have the best wine maker in the market Andrea Valentinuzzi. He has his roots from the Friuli region located in the north-east of Italy. He has gained extensive knowledge and immense international experience of over 25 years in viticinity.

Steps for wine tasting :-

1. Opening the bottle

Cut the foil and remove it. Take the cork out gently, keeping the bottle as still as possible.

2. Swirling
The appearance of a wine is an essential part for overall pleasure of drinking it. Pour wine in the glass, then swirl the wine gently in the glass. The point behind this is to activate the aromatic compounds present in the wine. More you swirl more aroma it wold be felt.

3. Sniffing

Take one sniff with all your concentration, then swirl the wine around and sniff once more. Aroma is the first clue which gives you idea about the flavour profile of the wine.

4. Tasting

This stage involves taking a good mouthful of wine and gulping it directly followed by another sip which you need to gargle and den gulp down. This will help you to find the length of the wine along with different flavours that it has. The principal elements to look for in the taste of wines are :

  • Sweetness – tip of the tongue
  • Acidity – the upper edges
  • Bitterness – back of the tongue
  • Tannins – insides of the cheeks
  • Alcohol – entrance of the throat

Food and Wine – The Best Marriage

Cheese platter
Cheese platter

Food is not eaten at the same moment in which wine is drunk. Almost never together they are together in the mouth. First, the food is eaten and its aroma and taste are fully appreciated. Afterwards, wine is tasted and its aromatic stream is perceived. So, it is important to avoid screeches between these two taste givers and their taste streams.


Italian Range

1. Grillo


Origin – Calabria, sicilia

Characteristics – Its considered to be the lightest wine berry. The wine greets you with a boquet of citrus, lemon,orange & grape fruit. It is a medium bodied wine with crisp acidity and a long mineral after taste.

Ideal serving temperature : 12-14 C

Food Pairing – Parmesan cheese, seafood and egg Florentine.

2. Nera D Avola

Nera D Avola
Nera D Avola

Origin : Sicily

Characteristics : Its lightest red wine and also known as “wine for mafias”. A medium bodied red wine with  strong fruity aromas of cherry accompanied with some spicy notes of pepper and cinnamon. It is very young wine with long finish.

Ideal serving temperature : 16-18 C

Food Pairing : Emmanthal cheese and red sauces.

3. Sangiovese

Characteristics : An intense, ruby coloured wine with aromas of rasberry, cherry and spice. The palate is soft and fruity with finely textured tanins and well balanced  acidity giving the wine a sounded and lingering taste.

Food Pairing : Recommended with Poultry, Pasta,Pizza, Red meat and well – aged cheese.

Ideal serving temperature : 16 -18 C

Premium Range

1. Chardonnay


Characteristics : Extremely intense and heavy wine, it is dominated by fruity characters as compared to above wines. Very evident are the melon, pineapple and lime notes accompanied with peach & apricots. The taste reveals the incredible structure of this wine.

Food Pairing : Recommended with poultry dishes, lobster or scallops or even light red meat dishes.

Ideal serving temperature : 10-12 C

2. Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon

Characteristics : Its the most expensive collection of wines. An extremely powerfull boquet of aromas with notes of black fruit and green pepper. The tanins are sweet and smooth giving the wine a long & persistent finish. The wine is very velvety and silk.

Food Pairing : Recommended with sauced meat, aged cheese, heavy soups, grilled steak and lamb chops

Ideal serving temperature : 16-18 C

Reserve Range

1. Syrah reserve

Syrah reserve
Syrah reserve

Characteristics : Barrel aged in French Oak, the initial vanilla notes are intense, which are followed by fruity notes of pineapple, melon and citrus fruits. This wine has a perfect balance between sugar and sourness of the grapes.

Food Pairing : Recommended with poultry dishes, Lobster or scallops or even light red meat dishes.

Ideal serving temperature : 14-16 C

Dessert wine

1. Late Harvest Chenin Blanc

Late Harvest Chenin Blanc
Late Harvest Chenin Blanc

Characteristics : This wine was star for me because it had that sweetness of over riped graps that lingered my tast buds. A perfect blend that would go along with desserts. This wine greets you with a deep golden yellow colour. The aromas from the overripe grapes are purely raisin grapes, dry figs, honey and dry fruits like almonds and nuts. On the plate, the sweetness is perfectly balanced with acidity, resulting in a very pleasant and velvety taste.

Food Pairing : Recommended with strong cheese like Stilton, Gorgonzola or other musty cheese or with rich biscuits at tea time.

Ideal serving temperature : 14-16 C


Ater the master class I can say that I do have an idea about wines now and can share the same with people. An afternoon to remember and cherish. I would like to thank Reveilo wines and Food Bloggers association of India to give me an opportunity to gain knowledge about wines and taste some of them.

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