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Biryani360 is a startup by Shayan Italia which serves organic Biryani cooked using Blue flame technology with fresh vegetables, tender chicken, high quality saffron & shockingly very less oil/fat/ghee. This outlet could be easily located,it is 5 minutes walking distance from Bandra station.  They only have take away & home delivery facility.They serve 2 types of biryani – Veg & Unveg. Single pack which feeds 1 person is priced at 299₹ & Party Pack that feeds 8 people is priced at ₹1799 only.

What’s the difference between Biryani served in Biryani360 & other Biryani outlets? – It’s not like traditional layered biryani, it’s healthy, less oily, masala’s on a lighter side yet tasty & mouth watering. So this is the best place to order for people who carve for Biryani but avoid it due to “health” factor. Eat Biryani everyday still stay fit & healthy.

How was Biryani360 born?

Shayan is a Singer,Song writer & Pianist by profession & he doesn’t know how to cook. So the first question that strikes your mind is If he isn’t from cooking background how the hell did Biryani360 rise. So Shayan answers this question stating “things just happen in his life and that’s how Biryani360 also came to birth”. He went for Biryani Hunt across the globe. Tasted almost every type of Biryani available. And finally started experimenting with his Biryani and thats how Biryani360 was born.He has never looked back after that day.


Biryani & Biryani & Biryani - that is what they serve.
Biryani & Biryani & Biryani – that is what they serve.

The have kept the menu very simple. Have not experimented much with the same. It clearly says Veg or Unveg, & that’s what they serve. Only 2 dishes sold, but best in it’s class. But Shayan is definitely planning more things in future. So stay updated about it.


Shayan before starting with the tasting, explained me how the process works.

  1. You need to place order online & select time slot.
  2. Biryani is made fresh on order for different time slots. Every batch of biryani yields 10 portions.

    20150718_132615 copy
    Fresh Biryani in process
  3. Biryani is filled in imported plastic microwavable containers along with Raita.
  4. Then sealed with plastic sheet using the packaging machine.

    20150718_121728 copy
    Packaging machine
  5. Later the plate is placed in specially designed box with cartoons on it, which are hilarious. The box has a fork & tissue within.

    20150718_121721 copy
    Packing Boxes
  6. It is finally placed in heat insulated bags, which help to maintain the temperature of food during home delivery. So that the quality of the product is not affected at any given point.
  7. And is finally delivered to the concerned person.
Unveg Biryani
20150718_124326 copy
Unveg Biryani

Finally my biryani arrived in cute little red colour box which stated the time slot. As soon as I opened the box , entire room was filled with aroma of saffron & herb spices. It hit every corner of my nostril, which pumped me up to just go for it. Biryani had rice which was perfectly puffed up with very less oil, tender & juicy chicken which was pefectly marinated & cooked and finally assorted vegetables which had a little crunch but still added a lot of value to the dish & made it more appetizing. The ratios of meat and rice is 4:6, which is quite a huge number making the portion heavy enough for 1 person. The total weight of biryani is 360gms for both veg and unveg.20150718_124436 copy

Biryani was accompained with creamy & flavorful raita. It was unique & made with 50% of the premium ingredients used ih their biryani. They had started selling this yogurt(separately), the response they got was huge. People bought it & used as a dip,topping or just simply  had it

Rice Grains
Rice Grains

They use combination of 3 rice grains namely – long grain,fat grain & short grain in the biryani. This combination reduces starch, carbohydrate & fat content to 50% making the biryani healthy. Saffron used is a mixture of Indian,Iranian & spanish.


The after effect(spiciness) of biryani troubles you for a long time. But after eating this I was shocked to realise that the spiciness disappeared completely after 5-10minutes. On asking, Shayan mentioned that they use a herb which acts and imparts flavors of spices which would disappear after some time. He cannot disclose the name he said.


Will definitely order again and again from this place. Place worth in terms of food as well as value. A perfect place for Biryani lovers who don’t want to gain weight & who are health conscious. If you want to try new type of biryani then this is the place to order from.

Ambiance – NA

Value For Money – 9/10

Service – NA

Food – 9/10


1st Floor (Back Entrance), 105 Comet Building, Next to PWC House, Bandra Talao, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050

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