Being a big time foodie and a food traveler wanted to visit this place from a long time. My friend always spoke about this place and considered it as the best place to have vegetarian Burmese food. Being a hard core non vegetarian didn’t visit as it only serves vegetarian food, and i regret my decision of not visiting this culinary destination. South Bombay is known for culinary destinations it posses, Burma Burma is one of them.

One afternoon was going through my Facebook profile and there i found a poster stating Burmese New Year Water Festival being celebrated at Burma Burma, Fort. So i thought why should i miss the opportunity to visit this place and know about Burmese New year and try Burmese food as well.


 I visited APMC market, Sanpada for market survey in morning and from there moved to Burma Burma. Reservation is recommended at this place as it is jam packed on all the occasions. So i made sure i reserve my table a day prior. I planned to reach early so that i could click pics and talk to the chef, the manager and staff before it gets jam packed. The restaurant opens at 12 noon, and i reached there by 11.30pm. It was pretty hot outside, so asked the security guard if i could enter the restaurant. And the reply made me angry( you cannot enter, restaurant opens at 12 noon).
 So i had no option but to wait, at 12 noon i was finally allowed in. As soon as i opened the door of the restaurant there was a cold breeze that refreshed my senses. On my right hand side there was a display of amazing and mindblowing artifacts and crockery straight from Burma. On my left hand side was a chain of tables set to be filled with guests. The Ceiling was amazingly worked out. It was completely covered by artificial umbrellas. The design was simple but yet very efficient and attention graping.

 The manager Mr. COLLIN JOHN who has been working in this industry for more than 37 years escorted me to the table and asked me where i would like to sit. I thought about it for a second and finally decided to sit in centre of the restaurant so that i could see the way they operate. The table setup was perfectly done with proper crockery, cutlery and Flower vase in centre. Consistency could be seen throughout the restaurant & this displayed the caliber of staff working there.  He offered me the regular A la Carte menu along with the Burmese New year Menu.

 I had heard a lot about “Burma Burma Oh No Khow Suey”and had read many reviews regarding this dish on Zomato. So i placed order for the same along with Kaffir Lime cooler. Till the time order was being prepared Mr. Collin john came to my table and explained me about the ritual of washing your hands on Burmese New Year with sandalwood water and Betel leaf. It was good to know about the rituals they follow. Later he placed the soup along with 6 accompaniments in black tray. Accompaniments were Spring onion, Coriander, Lemon wedges, Fried garlic, Fried onion and peanuts. The soup was made up of Coconut milk, Besan, burmese spices, noodles and Vegetables like carrot, Beans, Zucchini, broccoli and baby corn, etc.It was a treat to have the flavorful soup along with soft noodles,fresh vegetables and the accompaniments. Fried garlic and fried onion made the soup taste delicious. The flavor of soup was soothing to my senses like the tune of a guitar. The portion size is quite huge.


The flavor of the kaffir lime did stand out as it should & was quite refreshing as expected. It was similar to Sweet Lime soda, but infused with flavor of kaffir lime leaves. Kaffir lime is normally used in Thai cuisine to make Thai curry paste,to add aroma & astringent flavor to the dish they cook.

I was full after having the huge and amazingly tasty portion of Khow Suey, but wanted to try Avocado Ice cream on the dessert men, Avocado being my favorite.There were 3 scoops of avocado ice cream in a glass bowl. Dry ice was being used to give the effect of smoke as shown in the picture. Avocado ice cream was smooth and tasty, the flavor of Avocado did all the talking for the dish, but 3 scoops is way to much to finish. So i shared my opinion about the same with Mr John Collin.Then he suggested me to try one more flavor and that was Durian Ice cream. Durian is nothing but like jack fruit but from Burma. They use ready made puree, as the actual fruit has very strong and dominating flavor which will spoil the interest of guests to consume it. Best dish of the day and worth trying once you visit it again .

Perfect finish to my meal was green Tea. They have a tea room with huge collection of teas, total of 32 from different region and of different type. I wasn’t intending to have one as i am not a big fan of green tea but Mr Collins stressed on trying it. They had a very unique way of serving it, tea with sunflower seeds, cookies  and an  hour glass. Each tea had its own brewing time, the hour glass had 3 timings 3mins,4mins and 5mins. The flavor and aroma of green tea was quite refreshing and helped me in digesting grand Burmese meal.

I would like to highlight about the Outlet manager Mr Collin John, the most amazing person i ever met. He made sure that i didn’t feel alone even for a minute during my entire meal. He answered all the questions i had related to the food. I wanted to have a look at the kitchen which dispensed this amazing food, he made sure i did. So i would say Mr. Collins is a valuable asset to BURMA BURMA.

Overall the experience was mind refreshing, mind blowing and unique, will visit the place again and again without any doubt to enjoy the Burmese food.

FOOD – 9/10
F & B SERVICE – 9/10

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