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Masala Table offers Indian cuisine with a twist and is housed under The Global Culture. As a food destination recently opened its doors in Navi Mumbai, Global Culture offers pan Asian cuisine under Pan Pan, world / continental cuisine under 80 days and ‘Malts’ as the bar. Cost for 2 is ₹1200. Buffet charges for lunch is ₹599.

Masala Table: Private dining space
Private dining space



It’s an outlet with modernised Indian ambiance. It has traditional indian paintings on the wall , well designed lamps hanging from ceiling throwing light on each cover table, Center of table is stuffed with indian spices, a huge spread of buffet on one side and seating arrangement on another side & the outlet plays classical indian slow music. A place where you can have your food in silence with an amazing view.



They serve classical Indian cuisine with a twist. They have A la carte as well as buffet. . The buffet spread looked good and eye catching with all classical dishes on it with some innovations. Here goes the list:-


Mint Shikanji

It was a variation as compared to the classical drink which did turn out well . The flavor of mint with the sweetness of sugar, sourness of lemon & touch of ginger was refreshing. It was quite amazing to start meal with such a drink which refreshed all my senses before I indulged with the feast.


Fruit & Root Skewers

As the name suggest skewers were made up of Cheese, sweet potato & Californian grape marinated well with spices. A perfect accompaniment(chakna) for alcohol drinkers .


Pakodi chaat

It was Moong Dal & Channa Dal dumplings fried ,topped with little spicy green chutney made up of coriander, sweet date chutney & garnished with sev. It was a typical Delhi style chaat. Definitely good in taste and flavor but the texture of dumpling let it down – it should have been more soft.


Tandoori Paneer Tikka

The Paneer was soft and fresh but the marination wasn’t flavourful. Paneer tikka seemed to be bland. Avoid


Murgh achari tikka

Highlight of the day, Tikka’s were mouth melting and full of flavours. If you eat one of this you will definitely go for more and more. Nicely cooked & marinated with pickle & spices, fresh, moist served with mint mayo and beetroot mayo.


Motiya roll

It was like a croquet which was made up of Besan, corn , coriander & jeera coated with bread crumbs and deep fried. Looking at it I thought it would be oily, but when touched it wasn’t. Crispy from outside and mouth melting from inside with the crunch of corn.


Dahi ke kebab

I have always been a fan of dahi ke kebab from the time it was introduced in the market. Here was another exceptional one. Mixture made with hung curd, paneer, onions, capsicum & spices coated with bread crumbs and deep fried. Everything was perfectly balanced the only thing missing was the sourness of the yogurt. So on having a conversation with the Executive chef, he mentioned that they make this mixture fresh everyday.


Mutton Kheema Tart

Invention at its best, simple yet elegant and effective. Crisp Tart lined with chopped onion & tomato, stuffed with masaledar (Spicy) kheema and topped with spicy coriander chutney. Tart was thin, crisp & not soggy , tomatoes & onions added the crunch, Kheema was succulent, moist & masaledar – not oily at all and spicy coriander chutney added the kick. Worth tasting this dish when you visit this outlet.


Semolina crusted fried basa

Basa was nicely marinated with coriander paste, dipped in batter & coated with semolina.(deep fried). It was served with tomato salsa. The fish was well cooked but not overdone.


Soya ki shammi

Soya nuggets soaked in water, minced with spices. Tikki made from same mixture, deep fried & served with mint chutney. Crisp from outside and soft from inside. An excellent vegeterian alternative for sammi kebab.


Salad Bar


Pasta Salad

Penne pasta tossed in mayonnaise with spices & exotic vegetables.
Papadi Chat – Papdi crushed with hands, boiled potato mixed with dahi, green chutney, sweet date chutney & garnished with sev.
Raw papaya salad – Raw papaya and raw mango salad tossed in spicy dressing.
Crudites – Batons of Raw vegetables served in glasses.
Mix lettuce salad – Fresh lettuce & vegetables tossed in lemon vinaigrette. Refreshing to start your main course with.

Main Course

It was accompained with a basket of assorted Indian breads. Every bread tasted unique as it should have been.

Paneer Butter masala

Dices of paneer cooked in smooth makhani gravy, garnished with cream. The paneer was so soft that it would readily melt in your mouth. A dish which is famous all around.


Dhungar palak corn

Green pea & corn cooked in coarse palak gravy tempered with onion & garlic.


Dal makhani

It was only made from black urad dal unlike combination of black urad and rajma . Dal makhani was spicy, creamy & had a smoky flavor. It was very rich because of butter & cream. Dal makhani is cooked overnight and finished with smoked ghee which is outsourced – say’s Chef Kuldeep.


Rahra Gosh

tIt was a meaty double, mutton and mince together. Mutton steeped in gravy of spicy mince, soaked with spices, rahra gosht was every bit regal in taste and appearance.Best dish of the day.


Murgh Kofta Dilruba

Fried dumplings made from mixture of chicken mince, spice & herbs . Cooked in sweet, tangy & spicy gravy made up of onion & tomatoes. The chicken dumplings was moist & full of flavor.

Rice Preparation

Teekhi Chukkandar Ki Biryani

Spicy Dum biryani tossed in roasted beetroot. Each rice grain was perfectely cooked and puffed. As soon as you open the lid of the chafing dish, the aroma would tempt you to have it. The flavour of beetroot did stand out as it should.


2. Awadhi Murgh Dum Biryani – Even this dish was as good as the above.Only difference was that beet root was replaced with tender, moist and flavorful chicken.



1. Dudhi ka Halwa – It was warm, mouth melting and the sugar level was well balanced. Perfect dessert to end your meal with.

2. Mughlai Kheer – A classical rice kheer with touch of grated coconut and crunch of charoli, garnished with pistachio.


3. Lemon Mousse – I would rate this ‘dessert of the day’. Flavor of lemon was well balanced
with the sweetness of the mousse.

4. Caramel cheese cake – Cream cheese cake baked and drizzled with caramel on top. The flavor of caramel was missing within the cheese cake. Chef should try to indulge caramel inside the cheese cake.



Service team is courteous and on heels to help guests. The team is well aware about the product they sell and are humble enough to provide proper information. Rohit & the outlet manager was very friendly & helpful. I would definately visit this restaurant again & again to have this yummy “feast with twist”. A feast at an economical rate. The menu has been perfectly curated by the Executive Chef – Kuldeep keeping in mind about the taste we Indians have. Kudos to Masala Table team for making my day and inviting me for such a beautiful lunch. It was a part of #foodtrail organised by #NaviMumbaiFoodies.

Service – 9/10
Ambiance – 10/10
Food – 9/10
Value for money – 10/10

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