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Food in Mumbai has become very common everywhere, no new concepts have been coming with time. I was keen on tasting and trying something being a food maniac and to my luck I was invited to Nawab Saheb, Renaissance by @nuvofoodies to try Persian food. To be true I have never heard of Persian festival happening in Mumbai, so was very excited and keen on being part of it. Nawab saheb is a traditional Indian restaurant with amazing ambience which matches the concept of food served there. Executive Chef Sandeep Pande along with Chef Mona from Iran have created an amazing menu which includes authentic dishes from Persia. To know more about it read my culinary journey below.

Potato & Chicken

Potato & chicken
Potato & chicken

Potato & chicken appetizer was delicious, unique & something which you should try when you visit this place for Persian Food festival. The dish included mousse made up of chicken and potato mash seasoned with Persian spices. It was smooth on the palate and had very delicate flavour.

Kebab mahi

Kebab Mahi
Kebab Mahi

The best of the day according to my taste buds, crispy fried fish marinated with Persian spices. Best part about the fish was that it had a very thin layer of coating which helped the marination to perform its function of delighting my taste buds.

Kebab barg

Persian food has always been in rich in terms of ingredients, one such dish which delighted me was this lamb kebab which was flattened lamb stuffed with a mixture of nuts . The lamb was rubbed with saffron & sumac berry powder.

Meeva seb kebab

It was on similar lines to tandoori fruits which had flavours that would mellow down and make you feel as if you eating food in Iran. Chef used green and red apple so that the dish would taste sour, sweet and spicy at the same time.

Persians always believed in eating food which had richness, love and variety. When we switched on to the main course we expected a lot of things as the appetizers were delicious and mouth smacking. The main course was served in golden coated plates , similar to thal .

Main course


Main course was little disappointing and couldn’t match up to my expectations . It includes a combination of lamb,chicken & vegetable curries.

Khoresht Fesenjan , chicken stewed in pomegranate sauce & topped up with walnut slivers. This dish had an over powering taste of reduce pomegranate juice which didn’t work out for my taste buds. Next on the plate was Khoresht-E-Khalal badam which was on similar lines to Rohan Josh, a simple flavourful lamb curry with Persian spices, saffron & crunch of almonds. This dish was followed by Joojeh kabab saffroni which was nothing but another chicken curry dominated by the flavour of saffron, but it had a charred flavour due to grilled chicken. Next in the books was Adasi, simple lentil curry which was the best amongst all. The dish was kept simple and not overdone, lentil stew with potatoes cooked on slow flame till well done & flavoured with sumac berry powder.


Curries were served along with breads like Afghani naan, kulcha, laccha paratha & tandoori roti.

Baghali Polo Ba Gosht

One of the best rice preparation I ever had. It was simple flavourful rice cooked along with lamb to such an extent that the meat would easily leave the bones. The best part about the dish was that it was not like the biryani you get everywhere . Another unique thing about the dish was the fava beans used along with the meat, it added a flavour and crunch which my taste buds enjoyed to the core.


Later we moved on to desserts, trust me none of the places serve such a huge array of desserts for any promotion. The display took care of all the taste buds starting from galwa to mithai to rasmalai.


The best for me was the rasmalai topped up with different toppings like sabja, sev & rose syrup. But I would like to see little more of Persian delicacy on the display as well which would connect well with the whole idea of Persian meal.


I would like to thant Pooja Trehan Dhamecha for inviting me to taste this delicacy and give valuable feedback about the same.




















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