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While walking on the streets and searching for new places a thought ttruck up my mind “Eat Healty, drink Healthy and be Healthy is something we hear again and again, but what does it actually mean is the question to ask. According to me it simply means eat/drink  proper food/beverage at proper time in proper quantity. But don’t you feel we get cravings every minute about food that is unhealthy and we manage to cheat convincing our mind that it’s ok if we cheat one day. ” And luckily I came across OMG – Oh My George Resto Cafe that had options which would satisfy both sides , one to stay healthy and another to satisfying cravings. It’s a small place with classy ambience and delicious food. It’s a perfect place to hang out with friends with delicious food, board games and classy ambience. A place to cherish your child hood memories. Cost for 2 is ₹1000. It serves food ranging from freak shakes to Burgers to Pasta to healthy drinks to salads to simple desserts. To know more about the flavour profile of the food, read below.

The Green Machine(215₹)

The Green Machine

A healthy drink which had a blend of Cucumber, celery, spinach, karela, apple, mint, chia seeds. The drink was chilled, refreshing and not bitter. It was very much soothing to my palate which made me order one more.

Chocolate Overloaded Shake(255₹)

Chocolate Overloaded Shake

Now a days people over do the concept of freak shakes by making it extra messy, but this place had a perfect freak shake that would freak you and your taste buds in a different way. It had thick Dark Chocolate milkshake in a jar topped up with whipped cream, chocolate flakes and chocolate sauce. My mouth starts watering even by hearing its name. A perfect treat for Shake & chocolate lovers like me.

Strawberry Cheese cake Shake(235₹)

Strawberry Cheese cake Shake

Another freak shake that won my heart forever. It was subtle, delicate and made to perfection. You could actually taste the elements used in the shake, that’s what every dish on the menu should be like. I was  rich as the cheese cake was blended along with milk and berry Ice cream.

Tabouleh with a Twist(275₹)

Tabouleh with a Twist

It’s a classical salad from Mediterranean region which is made up of parsley, onion, tomato, broken wheat, lemon juice and salt. The one which is served is a healthy version made up of quinoa, onion, tomato, lemon juice and salt. It was refreshing, delightful and delicious. One  bite and you shall finish the entire bowl.

Sweet Potato Chips with Amla Aioli(195₹)

Sweet Potato Chips with Amla Aioli

It was a combination which I never had before, tapioca fries deep fried and served along with Amla Aioli. A flavoured version of classical Aioli, the flavour profile was very different for me and indeed was star of the day. The fries were crisp and would make a crunchy noise when you bite through. 4

BBQ Pulled Chicken Burger(225₹)

BBQ Pulled Chicken Burger

My love for burgers will never die and out of love I managed to find another place which serves some mouth smacking burgers. Mammoth burgers which had nicely toasted buns stuffed with juicy, mouth melting and bbq pulled chicken. It were served along with long , crisp and crunchy fries. The sauce was thick and coated the chicken which made it juicy and every bite was like heaven.

Cottage Cheese Fritters(205₹)

Cottage Cheese Fritters
Soft cottage cheese batons marinated with spices, later crumb fried till golden brown and served in a shot glass on a bed of home made sweet chilli sauce. The fritters were crisp, crunchy from out and gooey from inside.

Chicken Snitzel(385₹)

Chicken Snitzel

Thinly sliced chicken breast coated with bread crumbs and later deep fried. A protein was properly accompanied with crunchy butter tossed vegetables , soft and creamy mash potatoes & pepper sauce. This dish was very simple in terms of textures, methods and flavours.

Sprout Sandwich(205₹)

Sprout Sandwich

Now a days the concept of being healthy has been in lime light and I am glad to know that restaurants have evolved according to the need of their customers. A sandwich made by mixture of sprouts, onions and spices with fries by side.

Spaghetti Aglio e olio(195₹)

Spaghetti Aglio e olio

A simple pasta which met all the expectations for me. It had dominating flavour of garlic with the crunch of vegetables and was served along with crusty garlic bread. I made my own canape out of this pasta which had the crusty garlic bread topped up with rolled spaghetti aglio e olio.



Ambience -9.5/10

Service -9/10

Food -9.5/10

Value for Money -9/10

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