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The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional holiday originating in China, occurring near the summer solstice. The focus of most celebrations involves eating sticky rice treats wrapped in bamboo leaves, drinking realgar wine ,and racing dragon boats. The festival is a statutory holiday in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. Yauatcha has curated one such limited edition menu to cherish this festival which includes a selection of sticky rice dim sum alongside a dessert inspired by the rice wine enjoyed during the festive time and on an exclusive cocktail. Read more to know about the feel and flavours of this dim sums.

Sticky Rice Dum Sums

Pork Belly and Shitake mushroom

Pork & Shitake Dim Sums
Pork & Shitake Dim Sums

The leaner part of pork belly was used in this dim sum which is belly. Pork belly has a good amount of fat along with it which complimented well with the sticky rice & shitake mushroom  and ensured the flavours were spread all over the dim sum. One more important function it performed was that it ensured that it did cut down the stickiness of the rice to a small extent.

Chicken and Prawns

Chicken and Prawns Dim Sums
Chicken and Prawns Dim Sums

This Dim sum was a complete winner for me, a perfect combination of meat, spices and rice. More quantity of meat would have made it taste even better. The rice was combined along with slow cooked chicken and prawns. It had a hint of sesame which gave it an Asian touch and elevated the flavour of rice.


Edamame and Vegetarian duck

Edamame and Vegetarian duck
Edamame and Vegetarian duck

Another vegetarian delicacy which had most popular ingredients incorporated. It was a dim sum which was exotic in feel and it had a delicate flavour profile. It’s a perfect delicacy for foodies  who like food which is moderately flavoured.


Asparagus Dim Sums
Asparagus Dim Sums

This Dumpling is value for money and a perfect answer to the non-Vegetarians options. Asparagus was crunchy and well flavoured with Japanese ingredients & it had a little after taste of chilli. A must try for all vegetarians.

Pine nut and Lamb

Pine nut and Lamb Dim Sum
Pine nut and Lamb Dim Sum

A dim sum which had tender lamb chunks paired with the crunch of nutty pine nuts. Lamb was cooked to perfection, a push with chop stick and it would break down. You may surely call it melt in mouth & it tasted even better when paired along with the chilli garlic sauce.

Dessert – Wine soaked water chestnut and mango cake with Souvignon Sorbet

Wine soaked water chestnut and mango cake with Souvignon Sorbet
Wine soaked water chestnut and mango cake with Souvignon Sorbet

The look and the feel of the dessert was killer and trust me it was. There were so many elements on the plate but each one of them elevated and complimented well to each other. The mango cake had a combination of chocolate mousse and fresh mango dices coated with sugar fondant. It was served along with Souvignon sorbet which acted as a palate cleanser after every bite & wine soaked chestnut which added the crunch. You would miss a lot if you don’t try this dessert if you visit this place.


Ambience -8/10

Service -8/10

Food -8/10

Value for Money -7/10

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