Savya Rasa, a South Indian Diamond

“It’s always good to explore new places and find one which serves good food that satisfies your soul” this is what my heart says. But is it so easy to get one, after exploring day by day the results were good. Me along with my foodie friends visited Pune to cherish array of food served there. But it was shocking to see Pune offering lot more options than food when it comes to food ranging from classical to traditional to fusion. We started our journey by visiting Savya Rasa which is a fine dinning restaurant that attempts to break out of the deep-rooted stereotypes and offer patrons a wide variety of delicacies carefully picked from South India and tell their stories through the medium of food. Savya Rasa, with its cultural and artistic ambiance, is a beautiful blend of the exquisiteness and vibrancy of different parts of Southern India. The carefully curated art, artifacts, architectural elements and music add to the overall experience of the space. To know more about this place read below:-



I wouldn’t mind having rasam any time of the day. It has a very refreshing essence which elevates all the sensory organs of your body. It was drizzling with the cold breeze moving in that day, a sip of it everything came to stand still. It had strong flavour of spices along with sourness of tomato and well balanced concoction. Encore is what I would say after every sip. Must Try!

Chutney Paniyaram

Chutney Paniyaram

As soon as the next course arrived , they looked like fluffy rice buns served along with different assortment of chutney. For this preparation lentils and rice are soaked overnight, then stone grinded to give that smooth consistency, later blended along with spices and shallow fried till golden brown. The best part was that it was stuffed with 3 types of chutney so as soon as you bite through it will ooze out giving enough moisture to the bun.

Chanaga Pappu Vada 

Chanaga Pappu Vada

The name sounds very funny but a bite and you would remember it forever. It’s is deep fried pattie of Bengal lentils with chopped green chillies, ginger served along with coriander and coconut chutney. It was on similar lines to Dal Wada that you get on lot of street carts, crisp from outside and gooey from inside. A perfect delicacy for breakfast or Hi-Tea.

Uppu Kari  

Uppu Kari

Now it was time for some non vegetarian appetizer to show its colours. Juicy and tender mutton cubes cooked along with red chillies, cashew nuts, curry leaves and shallots. The mutton was well cooked and not chewy followed by the spiciness that would hit your throat. It’s a perfect starter for individuals who prefer spicy food.

Pollachi Kari Kuzhambu with Bun Parotta

Pollachi Kari Kuzhambu with Bun Parotta

A rich, semi dry and spicy mutton gravy served along with bun parotta. The mutton dices were slow cooked along with cinnamon, cardamon, fenneal, drumstick and black peper which made the mutton tender, mouth melting and juicy. It was served long with ban parotta which is nothing but fluffly multilayered bread made with efined wheat flour, egg and butter.

Gongura Mamsam with Godhumai Rotti

Gongura Mamsam with Godhumai Rotti

Another lamb curry which was little sour in taste with a hint of spice served along with Godhumai Rotti. This dish had an unusual combination of sorrel leaves and meat but trust me my taste buds enjoyed it thoroughly. To add on, a whole wheat bread flavoured with shallots, green chili, curry leaves and coriander is served along with it. A complete meal in itself. Must must try!

Saiva Veral Kuzhambu with Idiyappa Idly 

Saiva Veral Kuzhambu with Idiyappa Idly

A dish which might surely convince all vegetarians that they are missing a lot by not eating seafood. Mock fish gravy made up of ground green lentils cooked in tomato and tamarind gravy. It was served along with Idiyappa Idly which is nothing but steamed vermicelli made up of rice. It felt like this combination was made in the heaven, just that I tasted it that day. Rich & flavourful gravy with light rice vermicelli bun was just a perfect way to enjoy the lunch after hectic travel.



Elaneer Payasam 
A dessert made by simmering tender coconut cream in a mix of regular and coconut milk, flavoured with cardamon. The payasam was rich, heavy, creamy and well balanced in terms of sweetness. A simple way of finishing your meal.
Kavuni Arisi Halwa 
A halwa made by roasting Kavuni rice which is native to Burma cooked with milk and topped up with Cashew nuts before serving. The halwa was not smooth but coarse giving you a different texture.
Kasakasa Halwa 
A traditional sweet delicacy from the Kongu region of Tamil Nadu made from steeped and ground poppy seeds cooked along with clarified butter and sugar. This dish will only suit people who like the flavour of poppy seeds.

Here is where my journey ends, untill next time……….


Ambience – 10/10

Service -9/10

Food -9/10

Value for Money -8/10

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