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Table Setup
Table Setup

A fine dining Chinese restaurant, the ‘Shanghai Club’ at ITC Grand Central presents Shanghai’s pot pourri of authentic Chinese regional cuisines in a contemporary ambience.

Delicately balanced flavors of yin and yang, dished out by our expat Master Chef Yuanzhong Jia
from Szechuan, are served in an elegant and warm atmosphere.Indulge in delectable ‘Dim-Sums’ served hot from cane baskets right on to your table during lunch hours. The ‘Dim-Sums’ served are Cantonese culinary specialties that comprise of
scrumptious steamed or fried wraps or dumplings in bite sized portions. Choose from different
types of ‘Dim-Sums’ on the menu and eat a healthy and quick lunch at the Shanghai Club.

Enjoy a delectable ‘Truly Chinese’ fare right in the heart of Mumbai at the Shanghai Club at ITC
Grand Central.
Set Menu Rates :₹1500, ₹2300 & ₹2700
Lunch: 12.30 to 2.45 pm (Mon to Sat)
12.30 to 3.30 pm (Sun)
Dinner: 7.00 to 11.45 pm

74 Covers



Typical Chinese setup with urns kept at the entrance of the restaurant which symbolize prosperity and growth according to the ancient Chinese tradition of having porcelain jars from different dynasties at the gateways. Touches of the symbolic red colour add to the ambiance. The artifacts, the ceiling, lighting, table setup make you feel as if you having your meal in china. But the visibility of the restaurant is a big draw back, because half of the people don’t know there a restaurant inside.


Crockery brand– Nikko,

Cutlery brand – cromaargan

Attire – Red pants & white shirts

“A evening to eat, drink & enjoy “as quoted by Mr Gaurav Soneja

Cover Setup
Cover Setup


Table accompaniments – kimchee & roasted peanuts coated with sweet and spicy flavoring



As mentioned by the Restaurant manager and F&B Director , they tried around 30 types of sangria for around 3 months and finally came up with 4 best, delectable and slurpicious sangria’s. Felt pretty amazing to the taste buds as it seemed to unclog all my food sensations before i gorged on the meal. Here they go:-

Cherry & plum Sangria

As tagged “ Light & crisp stone fruits infused in blanc de blanc compliments a fabulous Friday evening” it was quite delicate in flavor & taste. The sweetness of cherry was properly balanced with the kick of wine with an after effect of plum which left your throat dry, tempting you to have more & more.

Very Berry Sangria

As tagged “Red Lady infused with luscious berries” was a perfect match between red wine and pulpy berries.

Spanish Sangria

As tagged “Fresh fruit brightens this simple punch with red wine with a generous splash of rum”. This sangria had dices of fruits like plum & apple soaked in red wine.

Water Melon & Basil Sangria

As stated “ watermelon & July go together like sunscreen & sunshine, savory side basil & July go together like blue skies & pool days” turned out to be the star of the day . Classical combination of watermelon & basil paired along with white wine was quite refreshing. Most of the bloggers preferred drinking this through out their entire meal.

Amuse Bouche:-

Prawn & asparagus
Amuse Bouche -Prawn & Asparagus
Amuse Bouche -Prawn & Asparagus

Poached prawns & asparagus tied together on a bed of pickled red cabbage,carrot & spring onion. Prawn had very delicate taste, little sweet which was perfectly paired with pickled vegetables. A perfect blend of flavors which tickled my taste buds.

Crab Course:-

Singapore chili crab with egg white

After the delicately flavored amuse bouche, Chef

Singapore Chilli Crab
Singapore Chilli Crab

Shrey Sood served us heavenly delicious Singapore chilli crab. Which included tender & juicy crab tossed in chilli garlic sauce. The sauce had dominant flavor of garlic & chilli as the name suggests with the sharpness of spring onion. Every one avoided using their hands in the beginning while having crab. But as soon as everyone had their first bite they surrendered Knife & fork and started eating with their hands.It was so delicious & mouth watery that you would feel like eating them on & on. Definitely made my day!


Crab course was followed by some appetizers, all of them with different texture, taste, aroma & flavor- what a delicious way to pump up your appetite.

Steam Scampi with hot bean & mango
Appetizer - Steamed Scampi
Appetizer – Steamed Scampi

Scampi were steamed & tossed in hot bean sauce with the punch of diced mango.Combination of sweetness of scampi, spiciness of sauce & sourness of mango worked out well.

Crispy Pomfret with Chinese Barbeque sauce
Appetizer - Crispy Pomfret with Chinese Barbeque Sauce
Appetizer – Crispy Pomfret with Chinese Barbeque Sauce

It was the Star appetizer for the day. The crispiness of pomfret with the flavor of sweet Chinese Barbeque sauce was  right on target which attracted everyone to have it again & again. You could feel the crunch while having every bite. Pomfret was properly marinated, thinly coated with batter & deep fried. Later it was tossed in Chinese barbeque sauce. If you visit this outlet, this is the dish to look out for .

Prawn Bamboo shoot & Waterchestnut shumai
Prawn Bambooshoot & Waterchestnut Shumai
Prawn Bambooshoot & Waterchestnut Shumai

Shumai is nothing but a traditional dumpling served as dim sum.It had a very good texture but could not match against the taste of other 2 starters. It had a stuffing made up of prawn mince, bamboo shoot & waterchestnut. More use of strong flavors would have changed the game all together.


Seafood Chilli


As soon as the soup is placed on the table you get that lemony garlicky chilli aroma that hits your nostrils and open all the senses making you tempt. Soup with dominating flavor of chilli, garlic & coriander. It had prawns,squid,crab and pomfret with some vegetables, which gave body to the soup. A complete package with full of flavor in it.

Main Course:-

Wok Tossed Hakka Noodles with Pokchoy

Hakka noodles were little over done, As soon as you have noodles it would just turn pasty in ur mouth. Cooking time for noodles need to be worked upon. But had a good taste along with the crunch of pokchoy.

Mix Vegetable Fried Rice

Rice tossed with few vegetables & flavored with aromate. A perfect accompaniment to seafood main courses.

Steamed Lotus Leaf wrapped Rice with shiitake
Steamed Lotus leaf wrapped Rice with Shitake
Steamed Lotus leaf wrapped Rice with Shitake

Simple Steamed rice flavored with shitake which is wild mushroom. Every rice was perfectly puffed & cooked to perfection. As soon as you open steam rice wrapped with lotus leaf, strong aroma follows which tempts you to have it.

Stir Fried Lobster with Guzion sauce
Main course - Lobster with Guzion Sauce
Main course – Lobster with Guzion Sauce

Another dish that you should look out for when you visit this place which made every1 drool around. Lobster cut into pieces, marinated properly , dipped in batter & pan fried. Finally tossed in sauce made up of garlic,soya, bell pepper,chillies & garnished with spring onion.

Steam River Sole with Ginger Soya
Main course - Steamed River Cobler with Ginger Soya
Main course – Steamed River Sole with Ginger Soya

A stew which had poached river sole & vegetables in thin gravy with a splash of ginger & kick of fresh coriander. It had very delicate flavor & went very well with steamed rice with shitake. The fish was perfectly cooked & not over done. Soya being umami flavor made the dish hit right taste buds making it one of the favorites of night.



Jasmine Flavoured Tiramisu
Dessert - Jasmine Tiramisu
Dessert – Jasmine Tiramisu

Good variation to classical Tiramisu which is flavoured with coffee. It was creamy and mouth melting. Portion size was proper & the dessert was light as well. Even after having such a heavy meal i couldn’t stop eating this tiramisu.

New World Star Anise Torte
Dessert - Star Anise Flavoured Torte
Dessert – Star Anise Flavoured Torte

Fabulous work by pastry team of ITC to create something like this. Every one appreciated the taste of this dessert. It was properly layered with sponge & dark chocolate ganache, you could actually see all the layers so neatly & properly done. The secret element was, they added star anise powder while layering which gave the torte a different & unique flavor. Kudos to pastry team.

Vanilla & Red Bean Ice Cream
Dessert - Vanilla & Red Bean Ice Cream
Dessert – Vanilla & Red Bean Ice Cream

This was a little let down because the only thing you could taste was milk & sugar.Flavor of Vanilla & Red bean  was missing. But it definitely had good texture.

Oriental Fruit Platter
Oriental Fruit Platter
Oriental Fruit Platter

Fĺresh cut fruits on plate , best option to end your meal with. They served around 6 fresh fruits which were juicy, sweet & neatly arranged on a plate. The neatness defined the skill of chefs Itc have.


Itc has always set high standards for food they serve, but i could also see the standards, the skilled staff that they have in service as well. Each & every person was on his toes to help the guests. They made sure everything was made available to us. Some had requests for wifi connection, charge their phone and many more, which were happily accomplished in no time by the service team. With so many dishes to go, they were charged up till the last plate was served. Kudos.


Will visit this place again and again to try different sangria they serve as well as for oriental appetizers they cook.

Ambiance – 9/10

Service – 8/10

Value for money – 9/10

Food – 8/10

Special thanks to ITC Team:-

Gaurav Soneja – F&B Manager

Shrey Sood – Jr. Sous Chef

Vivek Boddul- Asst. F&B Manager

Chinmoyee Kalita – Public Relations Executive

Bloggers of the day:-


Note:- I was invited to this outlet by FBAI & ITC HOTEL to try their new Seafood promotion menu.

Note:- All the pictures have been clicked by me. Do not use them without my permission

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