A restaurant which serves North Indian food along with alcohol. Cost for 2 is 1000 Rs. A place which is mostly visited by corporate offices

This outlet shares the entrance with Poptates. But as soon as you enter the door you would be amazed looking at the ambiance. The restaurant is dark with orange lamps hanging from ceiling throwing light on your dinning table , wooden chairs for seating, dinning tables stuffed with dry Indian spices covered with glass slab, cart wheels at the entrance, traditional dhol hung on ceiling & outlet playing typical Punjabi music. All the stewards are dressed in traditional Punjabi attire. It’s a perfect place to hangout for romantic dinner or get together with
They serve decent North Indian food , mostly Punjabi delicacy. I ordered for the following dishes


As soon as you read the name, you assume it to be nice flavorful tomato
soup nicely tempered with spices. But it turned out to be puree soup with croutons and swirl of cream. But it had that tangy and delicate taste of tomatoes which made it refreshing and soothing to my palate. It was a beautiful blend of creamy soup and crunchy croutons. Being a classical dish & combination , it didn’t go wrong. But the name didn’t serve the purpose.


I wanted to try something new in appetizer course and came across this
dish which sounded like “dahi ke kebab “It turned out to be full of surprise as the name it self suggests. It was bread slice stuffed with mixture of hung curd, spices and bell pepper brunoise. Folded, closed from all the sides and deep fried. It was crunchy from outside and gooeyfrom inside. As soon as you cut through it the stuffing would flow outmazing balance between the spices and sourness of hung curd.


I always had paneer khurchan as a main course/ gravy along with Indian breads. Was amazed to see this dish on the appetizer course section. So was eager to try. But to my expectations itturned out to be a main course dish rather than a appetizer. It was Baton of paneer & capsicum tossed it makhani sauce, tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves. The only good part in the dish was the quality of paneer, mouth melting.


As the name suggests , mince of vegetables cooked together with spices
and rich thick gravy. The vegetables were cooked perfectly which made mince look coarse and not paste. Semi Dry preparation with lots of richness ( cream and cashew paste).


This tokri had almost 7 types of Indian breads that I could guess. Kulcha, butter roti, nan, missi roti, rumali roti, make di roti and khasta nan. Each bread was unique in itself and was hot and the way it is suppose to be. The portion size is huge which can serve 5 easily.


This was the best dish of the day, amazing combination of dal, palak and
rice tempered with spices & garlic. This dish was served piping hot along with plain curd by side.


A yogurt cooler which helped me to digest such heavy food. A perfect blend of yogurt, chilli, mint , coriander, jeera powder along with water. Much needed drink when you are dying out of heat.


What else do you need to end your meal with. I ordered for a rabdi which was amazingly delicious. Sugar level was balanced perfectly.


This is served when you you ask for your bill.


Pretty decent service. Stewards always on their heels to help guests.I would definitely visit this restaurant again to enjoy the atmosphere and food they serve.

Ambiance – 7/10
Food – 7/10
Service – 7/10
Value for money – 7/10

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