Kanpai – Japanese Lounge Bar

Hamachi Carpaccio

How many people actually know the taste of Japanese food? We go to places try different cuisine food and applaud only if it satisfies our taste buds, but are we being fair enough is the question that we should ask. Japanese food is something which might not suit everyone's taste

Tea Villa , Bandra

Tea villa is a place which offers some interesting teas along with delicious food. It has an amazing ambiance with very minute details worked upon. Cost for 2 is 500 ₹ Tiramisu Tea I always connected the word Tiramisu with coffee, but when I was served Tiramisu tea here I was really

Wine Social at Taj Lands End

Wine and food are the most interesting and difficult topics in the world. The word wine seems to be very small but its a box full of surprises. In India the concept of wine with good food have not been able to make its place in the market, but lot

La Ruche – The Bar and Grill

I am always in search of new places which serve some amazing food. All the pubs in Mumbai emphasize more on Cocktails and drinks ignoring food as people spend a lot on drinks as compared to food. And the outlet earns more profits over drinks as compared to food. So

Star anise, a journey to the world of chocolates

French Pastry has always been the birth place for desserts and its world. Every western dessert you eat today has its base from France. But with the coming trends, the visibility of classical desserts have been vanished. The reason being simple, competition and hunger to sustain yourself in the market