Boom at Kaboom

A place which believes in delivering high end food in minimal time frame. Now a days everyone has a tight schedule that makes them skip meals which makes the body suffer. But finally there's a solution which has a tendency to nullify this problem. Kaboom - It's a perfect outlet

Burrp at The Bombay Canteen

There is a lot of hype created in the food market about this so called place "The Bombay Canteen". It has just been 10 moths till it has opened its doors, but still have managed to create a huge impact on all food lovers in Mumbai. I wanted to try

Panayaa – Modern Indian Kitchen

Molecular gastronomy has taken food to completely different dimension, things which you never thought would be possible are being done by chefs now a days to make your experience worth a memory on the table. One such place called Panayaa - Modern Indian Kitchen in Lower Parel has some promising

British Brewing Company, Lower Parel

Had a long day at work and wanted to rejuvenate myself with some good food at some good place which had positive vibes. And to my luck I was invited by British Brewing Company to review their Lower Parel outlet which turned out to be the place I was looking