Kofta Curry

Kofta curry is a dish made up of fried dumplings of cottage cheese & potato cooked in Sweet,Spicy & Tangy Tomato-Onion gravy. It can be served either with steamed rice or any Indian bread. Ingredients: Paneer (Cottage Cheese) -------------------- 50 gm Potato --------------------------------------------- 4 (Boiled) Red chili powder -------------------------------5gms Ginger chilli paste------------------------------5gms Cashew Nuts ----------------------------------- 12


Caramel custard is a classical French dessert with custard & soft caramel on top. Other names are Creme caramel & flan. Its the most delicious & most simplest dessert to make.  It's simple yet delicious. The more simpler the dish, more difficult it is to make it.  Just folly few


Its a classical dish from Lebanon. Tabbouleh is traditionally served as a part of Mezze in the Arab world. It is traditionally made up of Onion, Tomato, Parsley, Bulgur, Lemon & Olive oil . Some people use cous cous instead of bulgur. This is a variation to the classical preparation.


Its a Italian pasta dish, with pasta  & spicy tomato sauce. The word Arrabiata literally means "angry" in Italian. It got its name because of the spicyness in the red chilli pepper. The sauce is made up of Garlic, tomato & red pepper chilli cooked in olive oil. This pasta


Cacio e pepe is a roman pasta dish. Cacio e pepe literally means cheese & pepper. As per the name suggest, the ingredients of the dish are very simple & include only black eper, pecorino romano cheese & pasta.This pasta dish is very easy to make & tastes amazing. INGREDIENTS:- 1. Spaghetti 2.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Spaghetti bolognese is a meat & tomato based pasta originating from bologna,Italy. Every region in Italy have their own recipes for bolognese sauce. But it mainly includes beef mince, Tomato sauce, Soffritto & pasta. If you dont prefer beef mince, you can replace it with lamb mince or chicken mince. INGREDIENTS:- 1.


Is a pasta dish originally from the town of Amatrice in the province of Rieti. the name suggest pasta with pancetta & tomato sauce. Pasta:-Bucatini/Spaghetti  Dried past which looks like thick spaghetti.It got its name because they are hollow. Sauce:- Amatriciana A pasta sauce originally from the town of Amatrice in Italy. Sauce is


Puttanesca is derived from a word 'puttana' which means prostitute/whore. This sauce is allegedly from the slums of Rome. It is made by cooking tomatoes with olives, capers, garlic, chillies, anchovies & olive oil. Some say that it got its name because of its spicy flavor. INGREDIENTS:- 1. Spaghetti 2. Garlic 3. Tomato sauce 4.


Carbonara is a sauce typically paired with spaghetti originally from Lazio and Abruzzo regions in Italy. It is derived from the word carbonari which means charcoal burners. Some believe it was thought up by those who made charcoal up in the mountains where simple ingredients with which this pasta is


Spaghetti Aglio e Olio is a traditional Italian pasta dish. Spaghetti Aglio e Olio literally means spaghetti with garlic and oil (Olive Oil). SPAGHETTI:- It is a long,thin,cylindrical pasta.It means little strings.Of all pasta shapes spaghetti is the most versatile. Spaghetti is available in 2 forms - Fresh and dried/packet pasta.