Down the Road, Navi Mumbai

Monsoons can be very fascinating but at the same time it can make a day dull as well. Suck kind of mood swings have to be elevated or balanced by spending quality time at good place or with good people or with good food. And to my luck I was

OMG Resto Cafe, Andheri

While walking on the streets and searching for new places a thought ttruck up my mind "Eat Healty, drink Healthy and be Healthy is something we hear again and again, but what does it actually mean is the question to ask. According to me it simply means eat/drink  proper food/beverage

British Brewing Company, Lower Parel

Had a long day at work and wanted to rejuvenate myself with some good food at some good place which had positive vibes. And to my luck I was invited by British Brewing Company to review their Lower Parel outlet which turned out to be the place I was looking

Quench – All Day Pub

The word quench means to satisfy thirst, the same was expressed by them in terms of food and beverage they provided. It literally satisfied our thirst and hunger for some delicious and mouth-watering food. Small outlet yet with very effective ambiance, music, food and beverages. some how they have very

La Ruche – The Bar and Grill

I am always in search of new places which serve some amazing food. All the pubs in Mumbai emphasize more on Cocktails and drinks ignoring food as people spend a lot on drinks as compared to food. And the outlet earns more profits over drinks as compared to food. So

Angrezi Pub, Belapur

Angrezi pub is a place hidden in outskirts of Mumbai, ok wait no more outskirts. A place hidden in Mumbai which is 5 min walking distance from railway station and 8 kms from Vashi. The restaurant has 4 sections one fine dinning for family, pub, banquets and outer space for