Looking for Breakfast at your Door Steps?

Have you been searching for places that serve some home style, healthy and mouth smacking food for breakfast? If you have managed to find any then I would be happy to explore that, if not then here is the place you surely can trust upon and stay dependent for your

Chai and Toast @ Chaos Control Cafe, Parel

Kachari Masala Toast

A place with simple food, natural ambience and creative thoughts. It's a place which can win lot of hearts just by serving variations of  4 primary products that is Sherbat, Toast, Chai and Pan. The owner Sarthak Jain speaks about how he has gone simple in terms of food that

Tea Villa , Bandra

Tea villa is a place which offers some interesting teas along with delicious food. It has an amazing ambiance with very minute details worked upon. Cost for 2 is 500 ₹ Tiramisu Tea I always connected the word Tiramisu with coffee, but when I was served Tiramisu tea here I was really