Savya Rasa, a South Indian Diamond

"It's always good to explore new places and find one which serves good food that satisfies your soul" this is what my heart says. But is it so easy to get one, after exploring day by day the results were good. Me along with my foodie friends visited Pune to

E.A.S.T , Sahara Star


There are lot of places which serve some amazing food but are not known to people. One of them is E.A.S.T  at Sahara Star which serves South Asian cuisine at it's best. It has a spectacular interiors followed by the outside scenic beauty and some mouth watering food. It's a

Rice Dimsums, Yauatcha

Dim Sum

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional holiday originating in China, occurring near the summer solstice. The focus of most celebrations involves eating sticky rice treats wrapped in bamboo leaves, drinking realgar wine ,and racing dragon boats. The festival is a statutory holiday in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

JW Sahar, Mumbai

Celebration is such a mood changing word which can uplift any kind of stress. Celebration is a result of hard work or conquering your difficulties to get a better result for something. I was invited to be a part of one such celebration along with #IFCBloggers to JW Sahar, which

Wine Social at Taj Lands End

Wine and food are the most interesting and difficult topics in the world. The word wine seems to be very small but its a box full of surprises. In India the concept of wine with good food have not been able to make its place in the market, but lot

Lost Recipes at Sampan, Novotel

Message in a group pops up saying need 4 bloggers for reviewing New Promotional menu called "Lost Recipes" at Sampan, Novotel. The first thought that came in mind was it's Indian cuisine. I always wanted to write about the recipes which started from local houses in India, which are getting